Why Are We (Still) Meddling In Korea?

By Liberty Report Staff

Back in 2007, while campaigning to become president, Ron Paul sat down with Tim Russert. The topic of U.S. involvement in Korea came up. As President Trump sabre-rattles, it’s not a bad idea for America to keep the following logic in mind:


Ron Paul: “Troops in Korea? Since I’ve been in high school? It doesn’t make sense.”

Tim Russert: “Under President Paul, if North Korea invaded South Korea, would we respond?”

Ron Paul: “Why should we, unless the Congress declared war? I mean why are we there? South Korea, they’re begging and pleading to unify their country, and we get in their way. They want to build bridges, and go back and forth. 

In Vietnam, we left under the worst of circumstances. The country is unified. They have become westernized. We trade with them. Their president comes here.

In Korea, we stayed there and look at the mess. The problems still exist, and it’s drained $1 Trillion over these last 50 years.

We can’t afford it anymore. We’re going bankrupt. All empires end because the countries go bankrupt and the currency crashes. That’s what’s happening, and we need to come out of this sensibly, rather than waiting for a financial crisis.”

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