14 Year Old “Worldly” Girl Has Sex With Man In Car Multiple Times And Judge Says Sex With Children “Okay Sometimes”

Court security guard, 32, had sex with 14-year-old girl but escapes jail because the judge said she was ‘worldly’ and he was ‘not made of steel’

  • Former security guard is found guilty of having sex with a 14-year-old girl
  • He was convicted but escaped jail on a two-year good behaviour bond 
  • County Court Judge suggested Franco Abad, 32, is ‘not made of steel’
  • Abad pleaded not guilty and explained he was unaware she was 14
  • The girl was described in court as ‘worldly’ met Abad outside his work

Sick Judge Says Sex With “Children” Can Be Acceptable

The judge said the circumstances in which adults had sex with children “can vary immensely”.

He also criticised DHS for interviewing Abad’s sister’s young children about their uncle after he was charged, calling this an “unnecessary invasion of her family privacy, bearing in mind the circumstances of your offending”.

What Happened?

A 32-year-old former Children’s Court security guard was given a good behavior bond after having sex with a 14-year-old, then living in a Department of Human Services-run residential care unit. County Court judge Christopher Ryan described the girl as “worldly”. The guard “[wasn’t] made of steel”, Judge Ryan said, presumably implying that an adult man was powerless to resist the charms of a child.

How Did They Meet?

Franco Abad was a Wilson Security guard working at the entrance of the Melbourne Children’s Court when he first met the 14-year-old girl on July 20 last year.

The girl, who had turned 14 just a couple of months earlier, was there for a court matter.

The pair had a cigarette together outside, got talking, and exchanged numbers.

Ten days later Mr Abad, 32, picked up the girl, who was under the care of the Department of Health and Human Services, and took her for a drive before the pair cuddled and kissed in his car.

The next day, he took her out for dinner and a movie, drove her to his home and had sex with her.

For the next few weeks, they had sexual encounters.


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