“15 Year Old” Planned Parenthood VIDEO SURFACES!

Another Planned Parenthood Video: This one is from 2000!

Infowars reported: A remarkable video has surfaced, dating from the year 2000, which exposes how companies, some of which held contracts with Planned Parenthood clinics, have been profiteering from selling aborted baby tissue and organs for at least the last 15 years.

This is outrageous. The evidence has been stacking up against Planned Parenthood. The illegal activities goes from pricing aborted babies by the quality of carcus down to the specific limb or organ. There may even be evidence of “Black Market” sales for organ harvesting and scientific cloning…? We shall see…

It is evident that the country wants a change in the Planned Parenthood organization, with several political front runners for POTUS calling for defunding the organization. Also, many governors have been defunding Planned Parenthood, including Scott Walker, starting as late as 4 years ago. It seems the country’s opinion on abortion is just changing. The gruesome pictures of aborted fetuses are just too much to bare for anyone. This is not a right to choose debate. This is a humanitarian issue.

Planned Parenthood has been caught in more criminal activity than just selling baby parts.

Planned Parenthood teaches 15 year old Bondage Techniques!

Planned Parenthood accepts deal with Pimp who runs illegal sex ring!

Oh Yea! This happened Before! One more “sex ring” scandal to go!

These “fetus parts” look like a person who was just killed to me.  Right to choose…Not even close. Take it all in.  This is the reality

Planned Parenthood Video




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