175 Countries Sign Onto Global Governance – "Climate Change"

175 Countries Sign Paris Agreement and Many Announce They Will Formally Join This Year

At the United Nations, 175 countries signed the Paris Agreement signaling their intent to join. This is by far the largest number of countries that have signed an international agreement on the first day it was open for signature. And countries that account for 50 percent of the world’s emissions also announced that they intend to formally join the agreement this year. This puts us within striking distance of the Paris Agreement entering into force this year. Momentum on international climate action continues as countries show they are serious about addressing the defining challenge of this generation.

For international agreements like the Paris Agreement there is typically a three-step process. The ceremony in New York on April 22nd kick-started each of these steps.

The first step is for countries to sign onto the agreement. Signing shows a countries intent to formally join the agreement while they work through their domestic process.

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