Ted Cruz needs a contested convention to win

It’s official: Ted Cruz needs a contested convention to win — and here’s how he plans to do it


Towson, Maryland 

The map weaves from hardscrabble downstate Delaware to heavily Catholic Rhode Island to tony Fairfield County boating towns on the waterfront of Long Island Sound.

Not exactly Cruz Country.
Fresh off a bruising defeat at the hands of Donald Trump in New York, Ted Cruz is now retreating to what is, at best, only barely friendlier territory: The I-95 corridor, home to five states that will vote on Tuesday. As Cruz prepares for what could be one of the biggest momentum-stopping weeks of his campaign, he is aiming to make the best of a bad hand.
And the rout on Tuesday means that Cruz now must win 101% of the remaining pledged delegates to clinch the Republican nomination, according to CNN calculations, making a contested convention his only hope. Yet even if Cruz is now officially mathematically eliminated, Trump still has a traditional, even if tight,path to the 1,237 delegates required for a first-ballot win.
So Cruz’s task next week is less about keeping alive his own path to the magic number — and more about narrowing Trump’s.

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