Whistleblower: 3000 U.S. Troops to be Sacrificed to start World War 3

By Lestado Codicus

October 28, 2015

World War 3 About to begin

Obama wants World War 3 really, really bad.

Not long ago, a U.S. fighter jet was sent over contested airspace near China’s newly constructed “islands”. Yesterday the US Navy sent a warship into contested waters. Now, according to an Ex-CIA Whistleblower, 3000 U.S. Troops are to be sent to Syria to support the Syrian “Rebels”… and to die at the hands of the Russian troops who are fighting ISIS.

Why is Obama trying to start World War 3? Is the establishment afraid of the inevitable uprising that is boiling up in the U.S.A.? It wouldn’t be the first time that they used a false flag to incite patriotism and distract the U.S. public from reality. Perhaps Obama just wants an excuse to trigger martial law and put everyone on his lists in “Resettlement/Internment Camps” (click if you doubt it).

Whatever the cause, we should all be concerned that Obama keeps pushing for war with 2 ALLIED NUCLEAR SUPER POWERS. The world does not need a World War 3. It will make World War 2 look petty and small in comparison. I can only hope that people spreading the word will force Obama to call off his false flag operation before it is too late for EVERYONE.

So please share this article. Our futures might depend on it. This whistleblower is very credible and is an ex-CIA assassin.

The video below is the interview in which Gene “Chip” Tatum explains what he was told by his sources in depth. If you would like to read the article he personally wrote about this, Click Here!







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