Court Orders No More Videos Exposing Planned Parenthood, 4th Video Leaked

July 30, 2015

planned parenthood tagged - CopyA California court has ruled the release of any more undercover videos that might expose Planned Parenthood prohibited. Despite the court order, yet another damning video has been leaked today. This time it shows the Vice President of Planned Parenthood negotiating pricing on baby body parts & how they sidestep regulations that prohibit the sale of fetal organs. As Pro-Choice trolls defend Planned Parenthood to the death, they are steadily being destroyed by this evidence released by The Center for Medical Progress. The sale of fetal organs has been going on for decades and Planned Parenthood would always deny it when confronted. Now that they have been caught red-handed, they are trying to justify their actions through Mainstream Media outlets.


With some pro-Abortion advocates going as far as making Abortion themed ice cream flavors, it’s no wonder that this debate is getting so heated. How can anyone who would simulate eating dead babies be taken seriously? It just shows how twisted everything has become.  Here’s the 4th video to be released; this time showing Planned Parenthood Vice President discussing how to get around the touchy topic of selling baby parts.

Altering an Abortion procedure to get the fetus out intact is illegal. Selling the organs/bodyparts of infants is also illegal. These criminals must answer for these blatant violations of the law. Planned Parenthood is funded by the US taxpayers. How does that make you feel? Leave your comments below.


Full unedited video of meeting:



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