BREAKING : 5 New “MAJOR” Polls Show Trump’s Doing Fine


Our liberal mainstream media has been working overtime to destroy the Trump campaign with lies, deflection, and providing cover for the flawed, frail, and flunky candidate Hillary Clinton.

They’ve gone so far as to declare Trump’s campaign “DEAD” several times, while hardly mentioning the nonstop barrage of hits Hillary is taking, between her failing health, Pay to Play bribery scam, lies, email nightmare, INSANE Russian conspiracy theories, and a hracist past that’s coming back to haunt her.

However, despite all that the mainstream media continues touting Hillary as the “candidate to beat.”


The one gigantic problem with this narrative?

The American people aren’t buying it.

5 new polls came out and this race is nowhere near “over” for Trump.

Hell, he’s just gettin’ warmed up.

Source: BREAKING : 5 New MAJOR Polls DESTROY LYING LIBERAL MEDIA MANTRA that Trump is “Done” – TruthFeed

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