5-year-old Girl ‘afraid to go out of her house’ After Middle Eastern Migrants Molested Her

5 Year Old Victim of Molestation by Migrants Can’t Even Go Outside

“Now wears 2 pairs of underwear” so she won’t get molested again

The 5-year-old Idaho girl who was sexually assaulted by migrant boys from Sudan and Iraq has become a “prisoner in her own house” since the crime was allegedly committed more than three weeks ago, says a close friend of the family.

That’s because one suspect’s family who was evicted from the apartment complex has still not moved out.

The families of the three boys involved – two from Sudan ages 10 and 14 and a third from Iraq age 7 – were all evicted from the Fawnbrook Apartments in Twin Falls last week following publicity about the sexual assault, which occurred June 2 in a laundry room at the complex. The Sudanese families immediately left the complex but the Iraqis still reside there, right next door to the victim.

Twin Falls Mayor Shawn Barigar made a statement at the start of Monday night’s city council meeting calling for calm in the community and asking residents to focus on facts and not “emotion.” He also blasted Internet news sites for spreading a “narrative” of which he didn’t approve, apparently because it was not released by his own police department.

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