71% Of American Physicians & Surgeons Believe #HillarysHealth Is Disqualifying

The results of an internet poll from the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons was just released Thursday afternoon titled “Concerns About Candidate Health,” where 250 physicians participated.

Over 91% of the physicians polled said they are aware of the questions raised about the impact of past and present medical conditions on Hillary Clinton’s fitness to serve as President, and 66% said if a physician has a concern about a candidate’s fitness to serve for health reason, the appropriate action is to make the concerns known to the public.

A full 78% said the news media is not putting enough emphasis on the concerns about Clinton’s health.

Almost 71% said their impression of the concerns about Clinton’s health is that it’s serious, and could be disqualifying for the position of President.    Only 20% think the whole thing is overblown, but should be addressed with full release of her medical records.

When asked which of Clinton’s medical conditions were they aware of, 81% said they knew of her previous concussion, but only 58% knew of her cerebral sinus thrombosis, and only 52% knew about her deep venous thrombosis condition.

The majority (71%) said these conditions would influence their vote for President.


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