9 Year Old Cyborg

A 9 year old boy born missing half of his arm has received a bionic hand.

Bionic Arm
Photograph: Mark Runnacles/Getty Images

Josh Cathcart was always bullied in school for being born missing half of his right arm. Now he is the center of attention because he has received a bionic arm. With the use of technology that was only just released in June of this year, this boy’s quality of life has just improved greatly. Now Josh can use eating utensils, build with Lego blocks and pull up his own pants for the first time in his life!
Advances like this are now commonplace in this fast paced world. One can only imagine how far we will advance in the next century.

How does this technology work?

Bionic Arm
Photograph: Mark Runnacles/Getty Images
Alison Goodwin, prosthetist at Touch Bionics said:
“It works from electrodes which are positioned on the surface of his skin within the socket of his prosthesis, so this is the custom-made part which is fitted on to his residual limb. When he tenses these muscles, the electrodes open and close the hand.
He’s not worked these muscles because he has not used this type of prosthesis before, and obviously without having a hand he has spent about nine years not using those muscles. But he has developed them very well this week and has been working great with them.” (The Guardian, 2015)

Will this technology change the world?

Certainly, with the invention of bionic eyes, limbs and organs, human life expectancy should continue to rise. As bionic technology advances, some of these bionic replacements could even teach scientists procedures that may enhance human performance. The US & UK Governments have even been researching ways to enhance their soldier’s performance through bionics. Science makes technological leaps every day. Soon, human life expectancy could be centuries not decades.

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