Across America Soros’ Paid Rioters Stage Massive Anti-Trump Protests

George Soros Funded Riots Breaking Out Across America

Liberals have absolutely lost it. On media, at businesses, in colleges, and now on the streets nationwide.

After being whipped up into a frenzy by a media desperate to further demonize the GOP candidate into losing to the unpopular and flawed Hillary Clinton, her supporters are not coming to grips with the prospect that America is not going to be run “the liberal way” much longer.

One of the issues is that city residents tend to be much more liberal, and there is a major disconnect with the rest of the nation, which overwhelmingly voted for the Republican Party and for Trump.

In any event, they’re not happy. In cities across the nation they are hanging Trump in effigy, burning American flags, showcasing vulgar signs [profanity warning], and cursing Donald Trump before he’s even had a day in office.

Full Story: Hillary Supporters Stage Massive Anti-Trump Election Protests in Cities Across the Nation

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