Active Rock Thrower Situation In Dallas: Cops Unload Their Clips

Early Friday afternoon police were called to the scene of a domestic disturbance at the Dallas Love Field airport. While there are few details available at this point, here is what we do know.

  1. Police fired multiple rounds at the suspect.
  2. The shooting happened in a busy airport with spectators very nearby.
  3. Police claim the man was threatening them with a large rock.
  4. #RockControlNOW is a real thing.

Because there are so few details it is not possible to make any determination on whether or not the shooting was justified, but there are a few questions I still have.

Was shooting the suspect with a gun the best response to the threat presented by a rock?

Was less-lethal force not available, such as mace or a tazer?

Why couldn’t the officers on the scene have physically subdued the man?

What would happen if, given the nature of flat concrete surfaces surrounding the area,ricocheting bullets had injured or killed innocent bystanders?

While it appears certain that the guy was a threat that needed to be dealt with, goin’ straight to them guns may not have been the wisest choice, in terms of good policing and public safety.Is it simply a matter of too much training, or are cops just like children with a fetish for things that go boom, and are just constantly itching to get to use their toys on duty?


Cop On Leave, Airport Shutdown

A Dallas police spokesman told local media that the officer will be placed on “routine, administrative leave” pending an investigation. The man who rushed the officer has been taken to the hospital, the spokesman added.

The incident prompted authorities to shut down the Dallas Love Field airport.

“There was an emergency shut down due to a shooting outside of Baggage Claim, but we have reopened. Safety first,” the airport said in a statement on Twitter.

“US Transport Security Administration Security Checkpoint has reopened for all departing flights. If you have a flight now, expect three hours in line,” the airport added.

Other Reports

Police said the man had been throwing rocks at a vehicle during an argument with a woman. The nature of their relationship was not specified, but authorities classified the fight as a “domestic disturbance.”

Someone recorded the majority of the shooting with a smartphone and another posted video of the terminal being cleared.

Lucinda Fonseca told WFAA-TV that she and her husband were coming out
of the baggage claim area when they saw police approaching the man throwing
rocks and one of the officers drew a gun.

“The man was yelling at the cops, basically saying `shoot me shoot me, I dare
you,’ something to that effect,” Fonseca said.

Gunfire was loud and there was report of a woman being trampled in the rush to escape.


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