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Terms and Conditions:
  1. No refunds are issued once ad is placed
  2. Ads are run sequentially, with no gaps in duration, for the number of days (24 hour period) the ad was purchased
  3. All ads must be approved by us. Any ad not approved will be refunded within 7 days
  4. No animated graphics are permitted (.png, .jpeg only)
  5. We will not track number of clicks or impressions of ads
  6. We reserve the right to schedule the start date of the ad
  7. Prices may be changed at any time without further notice
  8. Dimensions of your ad can vary, but keep the image file size below 1MB
All transactions are processed through Paypal.
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These prices are for “Site Wide” images that will be displayed in the sidebar below our trending articles.
  • Purchase 24 Hour Ad Now $40
  • Purchase 48 Hour Ad Now $60
  • Purchase 1 Week Ad – $150
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