Al Sharpton Calls Trump Voters Racist, Video of Him Screaming ‘Kill Police’ and “Crackers” Surfaces

Watch Al Sharpton call for the murder of police and “crackers” in this video.

After Al Sharpton called Trump supporters racist it is ironic that this video of him calling for the murder of “crackers” now surfaced.

It’s funny how some groups of people can scream hate-filled racist messages and get away with it, while other groups are scrutinized for the smallest of issues.

Trump gets blasted for ‘being a liberal until he ran for president’. He also gets blasted for being a racist, despite never saying anything racist whatsoever (apparently simply stating facts is racist), but when a guy like Al Sharpton goes on a super rant with a racist hate-filled message, there is absolutely nothing said….literally nothing.

A video has surfaced from 1992 when Al Sharpton was speaking at Kean College and he said some things that are beyond absurd, but have you heard about it in the mainstream media? Nope…and you won’t.


Could you image if a video like this surfaced from someone tied to the GOP? The sky would be falling!


Source: Al Sharpton Calls Trump Voters Racist, Then Video of Him Screaming ‘Kill Police’ and “Crackers” Surfaces | The Proud Conservative

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