ALERT: Study Shows Brain & Heart Tumors Caused By Cell Phones

The latest flash came May 26 when the US National Toxicology Program published a multi-year study that found a potential link between phone use and cancer. Male rats that were exposed to the same wireless signals our cell phones emit today were more likely to develop certain types of brain and heart tumors than the control rats. The more exposure a rat received, the study reported, the more likely is was to develop a cancer of some form. No difference was observed between female rats; findings from mice subjects have yet to be disclosed (the full report from the study will be released next year).

The study’s observations, especially when relayed quickly in our sound bite news culture, have alarmed some people. I understand why. In my years covering this issue, passions on the debate run deep. Some readers and experts are convinced we’re on the verge of a major public health crisis…


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