American Force of 4,000 Arrives in Poland at Taxpayer Expense

By Michael S. Rozeff

It took a year, and now it’s a fact: American troops are in Poland in rather large numbers. The rotating deployment of 4,000 American soldiers and forces in Poland was budgeted at $3.4 billion. It costs roughly $1 million a year to keep a single soldier overseas in a place like Poland. (In Afghanistan, the cost is well over $2 million a year for a single soldier.)

This is said to deter Russia, but it’s totally unrealistic to think that Russia intends to attack Poland. Materially, the military-industrial complex benefits from keeping Russian-American tensions alive. Peace and disarmament are not in its interest; they mean much lower power and profits. Philosophically, the guiding concept that vivifies the military-industrial complex is to show the Russians and the world that the U.S. is a superpower and that it intends to spread its ways worldwide, with Russia

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