Anonymous Exposes Sandra Bland Cover-Up In New Video

Anonymous Exposes Sandra Bland Cover Up

A new video, with compiled evidence from the past weeks, has been released by Anonymous. In this video, Anonymous exposes Sandra Bland cover-up by the Waller County Sheriff’s Department.  Sandra Bland is seen in the videos alive and well.  Then, suddenly, her face is blurred out, and the question now is: why? The police claim she was hung from a 5ft. post with the trash bag from her room.  However, because the trash bag is still in the garbage can when pictures were taken immediately upon finding her body that is hard to believe.

Sandra Bland was a civil rights activist and had her own YouTube Channel: “Sandy Speaks” and website.  Did she make this known to the officers? Did they already know or learn on their own?  Is this connected? The evidence tells a story and you will have to decide for yourself.

The Real Strategy’s investigators have been tracking this story & there is a comprehensive compilation of evidence in the link below.

Want to read a more thorough report? Click here!

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