Anonymous Hackers “Impact Team” Dumps More Data

This data dump (release of stolen digital data) was over 20GB of user information!

Known only as the “Impact Team”

The anonymous group of hackers has done it again. After Tuesday’s data dump the team of hackers released even more data on Thursday (today). This time about twice as much sensitive information has been poured into the everlasting webpages of the internet. Cheaters beware!

There is a website up and running right now where you can run your email or another persons email to find out if their information was among the cheaters using Ashley Madison’s website.

Search For Your Partner’s Email At the Site Below

As reported earlier this week, the data exposes Ashley Madison for manipulating the user experience with Fake accounts.  Many users themselves are male with female accounts.  This entire story is beginning to shed a little too much light onto the creeps of the world.  At least now the public knows how extreme the situation is, with 100,000’s of people on this site – even millions now exposed.

Perhaps the hackers were victims of the sites seductive marketing campaigns that entice users to cheat on their significant others.  The story is unclear, but one thing is for sure: The website owner Avid Life Media, who owns Ashley Madison and Established Men, was warned weeks in advance that the hack would happen if the sites weren’t taken down.

Who’s Emails Were In the Dump?

Well, over 15,000 government and military emails including the prime minister of the UK!

You can search in the website above to find out if your email was used…apparently many profiles were not validated and accounts were created with stolen email addresses.  Avid Life Media is taking a big hit on this one.

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