Anonymous Protestor Shot Dead By Canadian Police

3751556624_f1a786a8c9July 28, 2015

Anonymous vows revenge after an Anon (or member of Anonymous) was shot by Police “outside the Fixx restaurant in Dawson Creek, northeastern British Columbia”. Allegedly, Police responded to complaints about a man who was violently overturning tables in the Fixx restaurant and “mistook the masked man for the suspect”.






Video was taken by a witness of the shooting:






Police Issued Press Release:


In response, some Anons have released a video demanding justice for the victim. The websites for RCMP have been hacked and Anons are claiming they will release data proving that the RCMP has been lying about this situation.



This incident shows how the Police brutality experienced in the USA exists every facet of Western Civilization. Law Enforcement has access to many non-lethal means to subdue people armed with knives and other non-projectile weapons. Despite the supply of these non-lethals, Law Enforcement always escalates situations by using lethal rounds; even on unarmed people.

There is one main reason that outcry over Police Brutality has grown so loud: Citizens are tired of seeing Police & Public Officials not being held accountable for their crimes. As tension builds, tremors of Revolution begin to rumble across the Nation. Not a violent revolution, but a revolution of thought. This is the kind of revolution that this world needs. Soon will be a time when civilization realizes that prosperity is being kept from them by greedy people who want it for themselves.

That day, The People will rise and break free of the corrupt systems that enslave them. Politicians and other Public Servants such as Law Enforcement must answer to the same laws as the rest of The People. Otherwise the system will collapse under its uneven distribution of power and wealth.


Anonymous has hacked Canadian Cabinet and intelligence information has been leaked.

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