#OpBeast Anonymous Targets Bestiality Websites!

Believe it.  

There are hundreds of Bestiality websites on the internet!

But Anonymous is going to change that.

Anonymous Bestiality #OpBEAST

Anonymous, known for fighting for the people of the world with indiscriminate virtues has decided to protect animals as well.  Not only are the people engaging in bestiality disgusting people most likely possessed by demons…but they are abusing animals in the worst way.

Known as #OpBEAST.  Find the information @ https://ghostbin.com/paste/6rb66

The anonymous group says “If you want to help the cause get involved directly @ this location.”  The Anon group is looking for help in identifying target sites and continues to seize/ deface/ remove websites with this type of content.

Hacker News says, “This campaign was originally called Operation Null Denmark in early April. It was started to create pressure on Denmark to change their rules for bestiality on animals. Initially for Denmark now it is widespread. Through these various websites that are known for posting animal cruelty on the show has been erased off from internet.  Different hacktivist groups from US, UK, and Netherlands have joined hands to spread awareness which led to a formation of OpBeast.”

As of today, at least 32 sites have been taken down and 92 remain on the list.  Of course, there are more sites to be identified.

Anonymous has been a growing movement and due to the clarity of their cause, unity and freedom, all people identify.  If you haven’t heard of Anonymous, you have now.  Anons (commonly a nickname used for self-identifying members of Anonymous) are people of all creeds, shapes, colors and ages.  You don’t have to know any special skill to #Jointhemovement.



Always remember to SHARE important information! We can change the world.

Christopher Kemmett

Founder of The Real Strategy and Lowest Priced Advertisements.