Anti-Trump App Allowing Voters To Trade Votes Nationwide

With just days to go until Election Day, a slew of apps are connecting voters who want #NeverTrump and are willing to make a trade — even if they’re not planning on supporting Hillary Clinton.

These apps, among them #NeverTrump and Trump Traders, connect Clinton supporters with third-party voters in swing states — so a Clinton supporter in, say, California, could trade their vote with a Jill Stein supporter in Florida. The third-party voter could rest assured that their candidate got a vote without worrying that they’re splitting the vote and strengthening Republican candidate Donald Trump’s chances in a battleground state. [NYPOST]


As the App explains:

We match Hillary voters in blue states with third-party voters in swing states to help them trade votes. Hillary gets more swing votes and third-party candidates get their votes counted.

  • Find vote trading matches and get comfortable, before agreeing to the trade
  • Optionally connect with Facebook or LinkedIn to increase confidence in the trade.
  • Group Chat across members helps coordinate, evangelize and match
  • Help others channel their frusration positively. Spread the word and help save America


Vote-trading websites aren’t a new idea. In the 2000 election, “Nader Trader” sites sought to help Al Gore by connecting Ralph Nader voters in states that mattered, such as Florida, with Gore supporters in Democratic strongholds. But they were poorly organized and word couldn’t spread fast enough in the internet’s younger days.

The Trump Traders founders are hoping that technology in 2016, which makes it possible to tap your vote swap into your smartphone in a few minutes, will make it more effective.

The Nader Trader sites were challenged after the 2000 election by the National Voting Rights Institute and the American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California. The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals found that it was not a violation of California law, since the First Amendment protected this kind of activity and there was no way to verify who the person was or how they would vote. It remains to be seen how modern technology could change that. [MIAMIHERALD]

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