Apple’s Relationship with China’s ‘Dictatorship’

Apple’s Relationship with China’s ‘Dictatorship’ Worries Icahn

Here’s what billionaire investor Carl Icahn said on CNBC yesterday when asked if China’s “government interference” was the reason he sold all of his Apple stock.

“That is the main reason that, yeah, I got out,” Icahn said.

“But the real thing I worry about,” he added, “is the relationship. And I really don’t know much about that relationship so it makes it more difficult for me. That makes it difficult for me.”

That relationship Icahn is referring to is the one between Apple and the Chinese government—or what Icahn called the “benevolent dictatorship.”

Few thought to question it until this month, when news surfaced that Apple’s iBooks Store and iTunes Movies services had been suspended in China just six months after opening, due to new regulations pressuring Western content. The regulator said to have ordered the shutdown of Apple’s services falls…

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