Arizona Republic Poll DEBUNKED – TWICE as Many Democrats Sampled


You can NOT trust the polls at this point folks. Most of them are media sponsored and are “agenda polls” with the goal of demoralizing Trump Supporters.

Don’t believe it, and spread the word!

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Here’s another great example of ridiculously manipulated media polling, courtesy of the State of Arizona, the Arizona Republic and Real Clear Politics.

This latest construct of alternate reality is a great example because it shows how easy it is to dispatch the credibility of often mentioned Real Clear Politics (RCP) “polling averages“.

Beginning with Real Clear Politics selling the narrative:

Now look at how the Arizona Republic agenda poll today manipulates the RCP:


And check out what The Arizona Republic had to do in order to get their Hillary Clinton narrative in the headlines:


Yes, that’s correct.  As unbelievable as it might sound, they used a D+34 Sample.

  • Republicans represented 24% of those polled.
  • Democrats represented 58% of those polled.
  • Independents represented 19% of those polled.

In order to get the poll to show Hillary Clinton with a 5 point lead, they needed to survey more than twice as many Democrats as Republicans.(Poll Data Here)  This is so far over-the-top, it goes to show how far the media are willing to go in their efforts to retain the ruse.

That’s also how one media outlet can intentionally facilitate the entire MSM narrative.

Source: Arizona Republic Poll DEBUNKED as a TOTAL SCAM – TWICE as Many Democrats Sampled – TruthFeed

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