OBSESSED: “Many Discussions Related To Nominating…Drone Strike!”

FBI Forced To Release Clinton Interview: Reveals Depths Of Clinton’s Obsession With Drone Striking Julian Assange.

The page of interest is printed in full below. Earlier this week it was reported that Clinton had joked about assassinating Julian Assange with a drone strike. As the new revelations continue to pour out the story gets worse for Hillary Clinton. This was not just a single statement made just one time. The highly redacted FBI interview reveals Clinton had “several discussions about nominating an individual for a drone strike…” the interview goes on.

Scroll to the bottom for the entire FBI FOIA release. There is surely more to find.

“MANY DISCUSSIONS” – Clinton Became Obsessed With Killing Assange



Earlier this week.

WikiLeaks announced they were going to be releasing an “October surprise” that would allegedly destroy Hillary Clinton’s shot at the presidency for good.

As a sneak peak of what they’re planning, founder Julian Assange went after Clinton yesterday, revealing that she once asked if she could have him murdered.

“Can’t we just drone this guy?” Clinton once said of Assange, according to Conservative Tribune.

It’s clear that Assange has been on Clinton’s list for months. He has repeatedly exposed her as the corrupt criminal that she is, and he doesn’t seem to be relenting.

These threats should not be ignored, especially given the long and mysterious death toll of those associated with the Clintons…

Source: BREAKING: Hillary Hit With Murder Accusation… IT’S FINALLY HAPPENING

The “Clinton Email Investigation” As Told By Director Comey

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