AT&T Managing Presidential Emails On Webserver From 1997!

On October 19, 2016 Wikileaks Released Barack Obama’s Email Address

The address “[email protected]” was being used by President Barack Obama during the beginning of his presidency. There is no telling whether Obama continued the use of this email throughout his time in office. The website is no longer resolving online due to some obvious security issues…

You can take a look at the website here: seems to be a pretty useless website, other than the fact that it hosts the President of The United States email account. December 5, 2008 seems to be the last time this website was captured by The website has been online since 1997! There is no information as to why the POTUS would choose or who was running the website.

AT&T Behind Management Of Presidential Emails

According to Wikipedia: Ameritech was one of the seven Regional Bell Operating Companies that was created following the breakup of the Bell System. Ameritech was acquired by SBC Communications in 1999 which subsequently acquired AT&T Corporation in 2006, becoming the present-day AT&T Inc.

So if Ameritech was no longer a company following the SBC Communications acquisition in 1999 then who serviced their website? Was this just another AT&T asset that went unused after the acquisition? I think not. Barack Obama clearly was working with AT&T to manage his communications. To add to the drama, the website looked like it was from 1997 in 2008, which suggests a possible major security flaw that could have been open for anyone to hack.

Important: is also called the Wayback Machine. This service should be bookmarked, as it captures websites currently online in case they ever “disappear” for any reason whatsoever. There are other services online that provide similar services. If you want to archive a page right now or at any specific time use instead.

If you are interested in reading the first batch of Barack Obama’s emails released by Wikileaks Read the following article: 

Wikileaks Targets POTUS: First Batch Of Obama Emails Released


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