Auto Share New Articles

automatically share new news

Use a Third Party Service or Provide us with your twitter application details.

If you can find a tool that works for you this will be easy.
You can try using IFTTT, Round Team, Zapier or something similar. These services all have tools for sharing other peoples content automatically.

Our twitter handle is @therealstrategy

If you have trouble with these services you can create a twitter application easily and provide us with the details to implement the auto-sharing functionality.

How to create a twitter application for auto-posting our news.

Once implemented, your twitter account will automatically post our new articles in real time as they are published. 

If you want us to set up the auto-posting for you, first you will have to make a twitter app here: then we will need 5 things:

1. twitter url:

2. twitter api key

3. twitter api secret

4. access token

5. access token secret

We used to be able to enable this functionality with a third party service “IFTTT” and used their recipes. Recently they deprecated the functionality of publishing recipes. Twitter also started shadow banning accounts using IFTTT’s services. For now, we can provide a self-hosted application to replicate this process – it just takes 5 minutes instead of 5 seconds.

If you need help creating the twitter application follow the simple steps in this article.

If this is too complicated for you to figure out, but you still want to auto-share our news contact us.