Multiple Shooters On The Loose In Baton Rouge

The First Identified Shooter, Gavin Eugene Long, Was Member of Nation of Islam & Washitaw Nation

UPDATE: 2nd Standoff in Baton Rouge

A standoff ensued between an unknown person and police at the Kansas City home of Gavin Long — the Baton Rouge shooting suspect.

Islam, Black Lives Matter, Sovereign Citizens, Black Power Group All Blamed For Baton Rouge Shooting

Let the narrative manipulation begin. —> As we will all see in the next few days, this horrific attack on police will be spun into a demonization of America. That means you too, white people, black people, brown people and yellow people. This is a hyper sensitized event focused on demonizing all citizens as untrustworthy and enemies of the State. The soon to be military state that is.

Washitaw Nation is a black power group of ‘sovereign citizens’. Nation of Islam is a muslim brotherhood sponsored group in America.

At least one of the shooters was a member of both of these groups.

Black Power Groups With Islamic Ties Are Turning Black Lives Matter Into War On Police


Earlier this year an elite special forces insider warned of serious civil unrest this summer. It appears those predictions were quite prescient.

The war on the streets of America continues.

UPDATE: Police say three officers have been killed.

One gunman has been killed but police say a second gunman has barricaded himself into a building.

Police are looking for a third suspect.


Witnesses reported seeing a suspicious man with an “assault rifle” walking down a Baton Rouge, Louisiana street when they called police. As officers approached the individual he reportedly opened fire, killing at least three and injuring up to 7 others.

The gunman has reportedly been killed by police, though the area remains an active scene as more information becomes available.

1st Gunman Down, Shots Still Ringing From ALL Directions

Raw Footage of the shooting – multiple gunshots in rapid succession can be heard near the end of the video:



Three police officers were killed and three more injured when they were shot on Airline Highway in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on Sunday. East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office said one suspect was killed and two more may be at large.

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