Batshit: Hillary Clinton ACTUALLY Blamed NY Attacks on Trump

Nutcase Hillary Clinton Says Donald Trump Behind Terror Attacks

Hillary Clinton has gone batshit crazy. At her last speech she forgot to wear her foil hat. Here ya go Hilldawg.

hillary's audience wasn't really there / hillary clinton is a crazy conspiracy theorist - fake audience
Hilldabeast wearing her Conspiracy hat.

The Clinton campaign has gotten so desperate for support that they are now exploiting the NY/NJ terror attacks by blaming Donald Trump supporters. Watch the video below.


Hillary is a defeated lump of sickness.

Her campaign is failing thanks to her scandals, lies, failing health, and hacked emails.

Hillary is unable to properly respond to any event and takes days to get her act together.

Mrs. Clinton’s campaign is being run by clueless millennials who are not helping their candidate by pushing out fringe narratives, like “The terror attacks are Trump’s fault.” She has no real support, that is why she has to fake her audiences with green screens.

This nonsense just shows that Hillary is out of touch. She has no clue how to beat ISIS or any other radical Islamic terror group.

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