Bernie Sanders Write-Ins To Possibly Deny Clinton Election

Bernie Sanders has electors in California, the California Secretary of State confirmed on its website Friday, but few media outlets are reporting on this stunning situation. In light of the targeted state write-in campaign that aims to elect Bernie Sanders by using rights afforded to Americans by the Twelfth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, suddenly adding Californians to the mix, the largest group of voters in the country, seems as if it might be major news. [THEINQUISITOR]

Since September, a group of informal campaigns including “Op Deny 270” and have been digging through election law, organizing volunteers, registering as electors and working on a strategy that they say could put Sanders in the White House.

Most of the organizers are based in California, where 55 people registered as “electors” to get Sanders approved as an official write-in candidate, with Hawaii Democratic Rep. Tulsi Gabbard as his vice president.

State laws on write-ins vary, but besides California, write-ins for Sanders will be counted in his home state of Vermont as well as in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Iowa, Washington and Oregon. In the 2012 election, just 136,040 write-in votes were cast and tabulated, according to the Federal Election Commission.

Organizers say Sanders could get enough write-in votes, in states where they are allowed, to deny Clinton the 270 electoral votes necessary to win. Under the 12th Amendment, the House of Representatives would then decide among the three candidates who’d received the most votes.

“We want to make sure Bernie is in third place so he is an option for the House of Representatives,” said Terje Oseberg, 47, a co-founder of who lives in San Jose. [MCCLATCHYDC]

According to Google, search interest in “write-in” has been surging nationwide.

Google provides this data on a 0-100 scale. In mid-August, national search traffic for “write-in” hovered in the mid 40s; in October it has bounced around in the 80s and 90s, hitting a peak of 100 on Oct. 13. That was the day The New York Times published allegations from four women that Trump had made unwanted sexual advances many years ago.

Sanders was the top mentioned candidate in “write-in” searches in 6 of 10 states with the highest “write-in” search intensity in October. Republican alternative Evan McMullin took the top spot in one of these states — Oklahoma — and in the three others, there was not enough data about individual searches for Google to release the data. [USATODAY]

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