Big Business Hijacking Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana is being hijacked by Big Business.

July 31, 2015Medical marijuana

All over the nation, laws are being passed to legalize Medical Marijuana. Some of these states are even passing laws to legalize recreational use of the plant. However, hidden in these laws are regulations that limit the ability to open Dispensaries (or any other Cannabis related institution) to people who already have a lot of money. Big Business is trying to take control of this new industry and they have the money to get it done.

Politicians take contributions and their contributors influence the policies that said politician enacts or blocks. Because of this, many laws are geared towards benefiting the already wealthy and oppressing the people who are not. For example, in Washington State, Medical Marijuana Dispensaries are a common thing to see throughout the state. However, because Dispensaries were providing medicine to their patients for less money than State sponsored venders, laws have been passed that will force the shutdown of ALL dispensaries state-wide.

Similar problems also exist in states that only have medicinal use. In Arizona, one must have approximately $200,000 to possibly be allowed to open a dispensary. Startup costs for a Dispensary would usually cost someone $15,000-$30,000 depending on location. This law restricts anyone who doesn’t have enough money to buy a new house from opening their own Dispensary. Are they afraid that people might be able to work for themselves and be successful?

It is expected that, as new industries enter the marketplace, Big Business will try to take control of them. History always repeats itself and Big Business has thrived off of the ideas of others for centuries. Perhaps people are so happy that Marijuana is finally being legalized that they don’t care about the stipulations created around those laws? Perhaps people are just ignorant to this situation because they aren’t personally invested in this new thriving industry?

Whatever the cause of this problem, the only solution is to inform others and petition to change local/state laws. It is time to put the power back into the hands of The People. Medical Marijuana is one of the last passages of escape from this crony capitalist enslavement system. If the wealthy are allowed to monopolize this market, Small Business will take another crippling blow. Change the world, else one day we will wake to a monotonous, uniform, and boring world; devoid of diversity.




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