Bionic Eye Transplant – First Human to Receive “The Terminator Implant”.

Bionic Eye Transplant – First Human to Receive One! AnimatedEyeball

Carmen Torres was legally blind until a week ago.  A team of scientists and doctors at the Bascom Palmer Eye Institute created a bionic eye and implanted it into Torres’ face.  There is a miniature video camera attached to a special pair of sunglasses that connect directly into the brain cortex of Torres.  Carmen can officially declare the rights to the Terminator Series.

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Torres claims she can now see windows, doors, and other spatial differences in the landscapes around her.  This is a breakthrough for all blind and partially blind humans.  Carmen Torres has been legally blind for 16 years.


Torres explained, “The experience was very emotional, but I am strong and I didn’t cry”…I guess her sense of humor is alive and well.  After all of this surgery it is unclear whether or not she could cry but there is one thing for sure, she can see.

The first bionic eye prototype was built in 2008 as part of the Boston Retinal Implant Program, a nationwide research project.  Only 7 years later, the device is finally being sent to the mainstream.  There are thousands of visually impaired across the globe that will be lining up for this surgery.  The cost of the surgery is still undisclosed but be sure there is a hefty price to pay to make the blind see again.



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