Black Lives Matter Activists Block Gay Pride Parade Shut It Down!

Arrogant Protesters With BLM Block Gay Pride Parade

Canada’s largest LGBTQ event agreed to major changes Sunday after the Black Lives Matter movement staged a sit-in during the annual parade.

Marchers sat down in the middle of the Pride Toronto parade route, halting the procession for about 30 minutes.

It re-started when Pride Toronto’s director Mathieu Chantelois signed a document, agreeing to the demands from Black Lives Matter Toronto.


BLM Block Gay Pride Parade That Was Supposed To Be Good Day For Gays

The BLM showed up with air horns and hundreds of protesters who set up barricades to block gay pride parade.

It’s never enough. BLM are now protesting their own events.

You can see the barrier they set up in the street.

But After Ruining This Gay Pride Event…They Weren’t Done

‘Twerking as Resistance’ tonight the BLM Group is fighting tyranny…and embarrassing the entire black community.

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