Black Students Demand “Black Space” and Housing Segregation

Black protesters at Princeton University demand “Segregation” at the Woodrow Wilson School of Public Affairs

A list of their demands:

1. Change the name of the school
2. Require “cultural sensitivity” training to staff
2. Provide a “Black Space” for black people to hang out at on campus
3. Provide separate housing for black students

All because “Woodrow Wilson” was racist. Oh, and because they owe “white people” nothing. This is insane, not to mention there were several white people who joined the group in protest! Apparently, now the answer to so-called institutionalized racism is segregation. How dumb can people really be. After days of occupying the Presidents office at Princeton University, the police intervened telling the students if they could come to an agreement there would be no police logs or reports filed. This is when the protesters folded their hands and gave in…
Princeton Protestors Demand Segregation
I guess what the students call “true activism” doesn’t involve confronting the police…Even though the police brutality plaguing the United States is at an all time high, these students felt going back to the 50’s where black people were segregated from white people was the better cause to fight for.

The institutionalized racism of today is within the minds of these walking zombies, who are brainwashed by the mainstream media into believing our unity and beloved country is bad. Diversity is what makes this country great. Although, there are some people who are intimidated by this. Corrupt lobbyists and authoritarian tyrants have launched a full force attack against freedom and true equality.

I am talking about true equality, which is equal opportunity. We, the people, are not equal, we are all different and great in our own ways and powerful beyond measure. Dividing the people and even worse, hypnotizing people into believing division is the answer to a manufactured problem, which is non-existent, will create something much worse than racism. Civil unrest and the opportunity for a complete totalitarian police state, is what is coming if this madness doesn’t seize.

Black protesters demand segregation? And, they got it.

A list of what was agreed upon after the protest.

1. They WILL NOT: Require “cultural sensitivity” training of staff.
2. They WILL: Provide a “Black Space” for black people to hang out at on campus
3. To consider: Providing separate housing for black students.
4. To consider:Changing the name of the school.

A win? Far from it. Black protesters at Princeton just created institutionalized racism on campus. Having an institutionally funded “black space” is the definition of segregation.

A victory statement from the protesters: “We got the beginnings of what we wanted,” Destiny Crockett, a junior at Princeton and a member of Princeton’s Black Justice League, who led the protest, said last night outside of President Eisgruber’s office. “We’re happy but not satisfied.” – Vice News

Watch the report by Vice News below and try to control yourself…as the so-called “equality” protesters demand change…and segregation.

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