Black Supremacists Attack Black 15 Year Old Trump Supporter

Ignorant Black Supremacists Attack the Educated for Being Informed

Black Supremacists revealed the location of a 15 Year Old Trump supporter to people threatening violence online.
Infowars reports:

The Trump supporter, 16-year-old Quaterrius Manuel, gained widespread recognition earlier this month after an encounter with another Black Lives Matter supporter went viral on YouTube.

The incident began after Manuel was discovered by Twitter user @Dirty_Tan, who promptly began filming and offering to sell the young conservative’s work address to others.

black supremacists attack 15 year old boy


“$20 I’ll tell y’all which location,” she tweeted.

Followers of @Dirty_Tan immediately responded by issuing threats toward Manuel while openly posting the name and address of his work.


Several other black Twitter users resorted to racial slurs, repeatedly calling Manuel a “coon.”

black supremacists attack 15 year old trump supporter

As noted by Reddit users, @Dirty_Tan responded to the ensuing backlash by attempting to play the victim – going as far as to set up a GoFundMe account to elicit funds for protection against the “Trump train.” After friends and fans of Manuel pointed out the account, it was promptly deleted without notice.

At the time of publishing, the @Dirty_Tan Twitter account remains active and has not been suspended by the social media site.

Manuel struck back at his attackers by making a GoFundMe account of his own – vowing to create a YouTube channel in order to broadcast his message to a larger audience.

Manuel spoke with Infowars reporter Rob Dew last week to discuss his political views and the video that started it all.

Watch the viral encounter that made Manuel a prominent figure among Trump supporters.

Source: Black Trump Supporter Harassed at Work by Black Lives Matter Activists » Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!

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