BLM, DeRay MckEsson, Loretta Lynch & the Martial Law Plan for America

Black Lives Matter Leaders Work With Loretta Lynch to Instigate Martial Law Across USA

This is 100% real. DeRay MckEsson’s Twitter was hacked because of his weak password and this is what was leaked.

Watch this video about DeRay’s hacked Twitter account and his plan with Loretta Lynch to keep Obama in power.

DeRay MckEsson’s hacked Twitter account revealed a connection between him and Loretta Lynch and a plan for Martial Law

The Globalist “elites” have a martial law plan. They’re attempting to use Black Lives Matter (BLM) leaders in order to cause martial law at the fast approaching Presidential conventions.

The plan is to use Black Lives Matter protesters, causing riots; leading to a race war across America. BLM “Leaders” are already planting the seeds by spreading disinformation on social media to manipulate their followers. These scum think of their followers as stupid pawns in a much bigger game being played.

Donald Trump is not racist! There is no evidence that he is, yet these liars actually have people believing that he is anyway.

Police brutality is not caused by racism, it is caused by corruption. But these manipulated people believe DeRay and his collaborators.

Maybe the Dallas cop shootings were because of this exact campaign by BLM? Maybe its just a false flag designed to encourage others to actually go start a race war. Either way is bad. The only war that should be happening is The People vs The State.

Make no mistake, we are in a war. There might not be shots fired from weapons but there is a revolution currently underway world wide. That is why the globalists are panicking.

If we allow these traitors to cause a state of emergency, Obama will stay in office indefinitely.

You must share this now in order to expose the BLM movement for what it is. A Racial Division and Social Engineering Project.

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