Brazil: Murder Rises, Congress to Reverse Gun Ban

Brazilians have lost their gun rights. Murder rates continue to lead the world.

Crime in Brazil Keeps Rising despite “Gun-Ban”

In the year 2000 there were 32,523 homicides in Brazil. In 2003, heightened gun control became a reality. In 2012, there were 56,337 homicides in Brazil.

Homicide continues to rise in Brazil. 70% are committed with guns (2010). In Brazil, the total number of firearms destroyed following recent amnesty, collection and seizure programs is reported to be 2.8 Million. Yet, there has been no change and to the contrary, a rise in all targeted areas of gun control.

The Congress of Brazil is set to finally recognize the rights of citizens to own guns. In 2003 the “Disarmament Act” was passed in Brazil making gun control a reality in Brazil. After 12 years of this tyrannical reality, crime – especially murder – continues to rise at “unprecedented rates”.

Currently, the United States is the “only” country that recognizes the right of gun ownership. Brazilians are seeking to be the second country that recognizes the right to bear arms. This bill was attempted in 2012 and was vetoed. Like in America, a veto can be overridden by Congress. It looks like that is exactly what is going to happen. Of course, legislation is a slow process but it looks like the people of Brazil are going to win this one.

Brazil is a Police State

Sergio Adorno, a professor at the University of Sao Paulo and director of its Center for the Study of Violence says, “It’s essential that we change the justice system, socioeconomic conditions and the way that the police work. The police continue to be very violent and the justice system is slow. They’re both relics of the past.”

If the Bill to Reverse the Gun Ban Passes…

The bill would end the restrictions that require Brazilian citizens to obtain approval from the government. It would also lower the age of gun ownership from 25 to 21. It would also increase the number of firearms and amount of ammunition Brazilians can purchase each year, which is currently limited if not banned completely (based on qualifications). However, they would still be limited to nine firearms and 600 rounds of ammunition per year. Other restrictions would remain, and, or be altered depending on the final status. However, this is a win! Share this information.

EXPLICIT Evidence of Gun Control Causing Rise in Crime:

Pan America Health Organization Study (2012)

Accidents and Violence:
External causes were the third leading cause of death (138,697 deaths) in 2009, and the number-one cause of death in the population aged 10 to 39 years. Accidents—especially motor vehicle accidents—and violence—especially homicides—accounted for most of this mortality (30). Among older adults (aged 60 and over), falls were the most frequent external cause of death (5,671 deaths in 2009). In 2009, 52,066 deaths from homicide were recorded, with the majority occurring in young (aged 20 to 39) black or brown men with low educational levels (30). Homicide was the leading external cause of death in persons 15 to 39 years old, accounting for 39,506 deaths in this population.

Brazil Business Times Article

170% Increase in Rapes from 2010 to 2012

11% Increase in Homicides from 2010 to 2012

Brazil’s Gun Control

Statue of Disarmament (2003)


Right to Carry – Self-Defence

Article 10 – The authorisation to carry firearms of permitted usage throughout national territory falls to the Federal Police and shall be granted only after being authorised by SINARM.

§1 – The authorisation provided for herein may be limited to specific time periods or specific regions, in accordance with the regulation of this Law, and will depend on compliance, by the applicant, with the following requirements:
I – proof of the need for a firearm due to the exercise of a risky professional activity, or a professional activity that threatens his or her physical integrity;
II – meet the requirements provided for in article 4 hereof; III – present the documentation proving ownership of the firearm, as well as its proper registration with the competent body.

§2 – Authorisation to carry fire weapons as provided for herein will be automatically voided if the bearer of the authorisation is found to be drunk or under the effect of chemical or hallucinogenic drugs when detained or approached.

Parts of the Gun Restrictions in Brazil

1. Re-Licencing every 3 years.
2. Extensive Background Checks.
3. Special Regulation on: Handguns, Shotguns and Rifles.
4. Ban on Automatic weapons.
5. Ban on personal sales and transfers.
6. Required Registration of all firearms.
7. Must be at least 25 years old.
8. Limit of (2) handguns and (2) rifles.
9. Limit of 50 rounds of ammunition per year.
10. Proof of competence (doctor’s approval).
11. No criminal investigation open.
12. Must be employed.
13. Must have a residence.
14. Ban on Silencers.
15. Special permission to travel with firearm.
16. Ban on open carry.

Gun Free Zones in Brazil

1. Sports arenas
2. Churches
3. Government buildings
4. Schools

Read the full Law that is preventing Brazilians from protecting themselves


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Christopher Kemmett

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