Breaking News: FBI Raids Mateens In-Laws Home More Terror?

This Story Just Keeps Getting Deeper and Deeper…

What is this really about? Mateen worked for G4S, his father worked with the CIA, his “ex” wife helped scout soft targets, now her parents home just got raided….

EXCLUSIVE: FBI raid home of Orlando gunman’s in-laws after killer’s wife revealed she KNEW about ISIS fanatic’s plans in advance

  • FBI agents arrived at Rodeo, California, home where Mateen’s wife Noor Zahi Salman’s mother lives 
  • Two woman approached first and shouted FBI before being let in, along with male agent 
  • Palestinian-American Zahi Salman, 50, and one of her four daughters are thought to have been home when federal agents arrived
  • Noor has admitted to the FBI that she knew her husband was planning some sort of attack – and had previously driven him to the Pulse nightclub
  • Salman, 30, said she was present when he bought ammunition and had driven him on another scouting mission  – to Disney World
  • She is being questioned by federal agents and could face charges because she knew of plan but did not dial 911  
  • Was seen entering their Fort Pierce, Florida, apartment on Monday night 
  • Federal grand jury being convened to consider charges, Fox News reported

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