Breaking: Soldier Sues Obama

A U.S. Army officer has sued President Obama, saying the U.S. war against ISIS is illegal. Captain Nathan Michael Smith, who is deployed in Kuwait, says he believes the mission is justified, but lacks proper authority from Congress. “I began to wonder, ‘Is this the Administration’s war, or is it America’s war?’” Smith said in the lawsuit. “My conscience bothered me.” Smith wants a U.S. court to tell Obama he must get approval from Congress for the war in Iraq and Syria.

SOURCE: DemocracyNow

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According To ArmyTIMES:

Smith considers ISIS “an army of butchers” and believes that participating in the fight against them “is what I signed up to be part of when I joined the military”.

However, Smith filed the lawsuit “out of conscience because fighting an illegal war forces him to violate his oath to ‘preserve, protect, and defend’ the Constitution,” according to the lawsuit.

This is what makes America….America.


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