Breaking [VIDEO]: Clinton Server Hacked By 5 Foreign Governments

On the Record 11/02/16 – New Information on FBI – Hillary Clinton Investigation, New Details emerge in Clinton Foundation investigation, Clinton Foundation investigation is now a “Very High Priority” at FBI, Is Pay for Play a Focus in FBI Hillary Clinton Probe?, Fox News Investigate Hillary Clinton Pay for Play Allegation, New Trouble For Huma Abedin in Hillary Clinton Email Scandal

Huma Abedin Could Face Criminal Charges If She Did Not Return All Classified Docs to State Dept, New Polls Show Donald Trump Gaining in Key Battleground States, Hillary Clinton Leads Over Donald Trump Shrikns to Less than 2 Points In National Polling Average, Hillary Clinton Aides Worried Over ‘Pay for Play’Optics, WikiLeaks Releases Thousand of New Podesta Email, Donald Trump: Hillary Clinton Engaged In Pay for Play, President Obama Hits Trail for Hillary Clinton, Hillary Clinton : Donald Trump Pits People Against Each Other, President Obama On Hillary Clinton Investigation: We Don’t Operate on Leaks Or Innuendo

Donald Trump: You can Change your Early Ballot, President Obama: Hillary Clinton Treated Differently, President Obama Blame Sexism For Close Presidential Race, President Obama: Hillary Clinton is Consistently Treated Differently Because she is a Women

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