Breakthrough: Scientists Discover Link in Killer Cops

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Do you want to know why cops keep killing people?

There is an electrical OFC pattern in these killer cops brains. What does that mean? Read on.
Leaders, politicians, academics, psychiatrists, analysts and journalists have been focusing on this issue like it was the apocolypse. Until recently, noone had used simple logic to explore the issue. Instead of looking for specific reasoning, common judgement, biased profiling, similar characteristics, which all can be biased and percieved differently by anyone – a group of scientists from Europe decided to just monitor peoples brain activity while they kill people.

What do you think happens in your brain when you kill someone?

Well, that depends on who you are killing. Molenberghs, Ogilvie, Louis, Decety, Bagnall, and Bain, the scientists who did the study published their abstract in the Oxford Journal March 9, 2015. The name of the study is “The neural correlates of justified and unjustified killing: an fMRI study”. This entire study is unavailable to the public unless you pay them for the access, which costs $39 for a 24 hour rental here:
Also, republishing the study is prohibited. This information needs to be free, but I guess they have to pay the guinea pigs and scientists somehow. The abstract of the study is available. The abstract discloses that the scientists measured the differences in brain activity when participants killed civilians vs. killing enemies. Of course, this was simulated. But the army wants to change that…keep reading.

What were the conclusions of the study?

I guess what you want to know is why the cops keep killing people. The answer is, drumroll please…they think it is justified. According to these scientists the area of the brain that processes ethical reasoning was highly active when the participants killed civilians. This part of the brain is called the orbitofrontal cortex (OFC). The OFC was completely inactive when people were killing enemies. This indicates that the mind and body understand who an enemy is without processing any ethical reason. And you thought right and wrong had to do with your feelings… Whether or not each person had a different idea of who an enemy is, will have to be studied further and if that can be or is manipulated by experience and/or environmental impacts…has yet to be determined. The obvious answer to this query is, yes. Although, whether or not the brain reasons the same in these situations will have to be studied.

MRI - Brain Scans Why People Kill

The results of the Oxford study were disclosed further by Dr. Pascal Molenberghs

Dr. Molenberghys was one of the original scientists in the Oxford study. He published another article through Monash University in Australia claiming that, “The more guilt participants felt about shooting civilians, the greater the response in the lateral OFC. When shooting enemy soldiers, no activation was seen in lateral OFC.” And so, guilt can now be measured. Maybe, just maybe we can start measuring peoples OFC activity before we find any evidence on them committing a crime. That way we can save money and time…what do you think? If the results say the person is feeling guilt, then they must be guilty right? This science is going to be used against everyone very soon.

Dr. Molenberghs also found that, “The results show that the neural mechanisms that are typically implicated with harming others become less active when the violence against a particular group is seen as justified.” So that means, not just enemies but anyone who is judged worthy to die by a person, and has a prebuilt “mental set” associated with that group, gets the business. This all happens without any ethical thinking of course.

This means that the link in killer cops, is the types of people they see fit to die, or see as an enemy. The list of citizens killed by cops is enormous. There is no single type of person in the pattern. This only can mean one thing. Cops see all citizens as prey. Read this recent article about killer cops caught on video.

The military has been publically announcing they are funding methods of manipulating emotions and thoughts for over a year.

Have you heard of the “RAM” program?

The RAM program aims to develop and test a wireless, fully implantable neural-interface medical device for human clinical use. The device would facilitate the formation of new memories and retrieval of existing ones in individuals who have lost these capacities as a result of traumatic brain injury or neurological disease.

You can read about DARPA and the Brain initiative started by President Obama in 2013 here.

This subject deserves further study and an indepth article. Be on the look out.


Darpa – Follow the link and view the Darpa Brain Initiative

Oxford – Follow the link and view the abstract of the Oxford publishing and/or purchase the entire thing here.

Dr. Molenbergh – Follow the link and view the entire study by Dr. Molenbergh at the Monash University


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