Broward County FL: Poll Watchers, Precint Workers Fired For Voter Intimidation

Two clerks from precincts in Pompano Beach were fired after a dispute.

Deputies were called to the Herb Skolknick Community Center after complaints of possible voter intimidation from the Democratic and Republican poll watchers at one precinct. That led to a dispute between the clerks from precincts 23 and 24 – one a Democrat, the other a Republican.

Supervisor of Elections Dr. Brenda Snipes was notified and she fired both, ordering them to leave the property immediately.

David Booth, the Republican clerk of Precinct 23, tells NBC 6 he was one of the two clerks fired and told to leave the property. Replacement clerks were brought in.

“They brought in replacements for myself and the other woman who was the clerk at CO-23 and we were told to leave the premises,” Booth told NBC 6. “It doesn’t look good, it really doesn’t look good, it looks like they’re trying to do something dishonest.”

Two poll watchers were also removed, according to a spokesperson for the supervisor of elections.

According to Booth, there were allegations poll watchers were overstepping their boundaries inside the polling location and involved in voter intimidation.

Broward sheriff deputies told NBC 6 they showed up upon request to keep the peace and investigate the situation.

Voting has continued without interruption.



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