More Broward County Voter Fraud: Mentally Ill Votes Being Stolen

A voter fraud allegation in Broward County, Fla. arose on Election Day as a sworn affidavit was released stating dozens of mentally ill or mentally incapacitated voters have had their ballots effectively filled out by individuals claiming to assist them.

The affidavit was signed by a poll watcher certified by the Broward County Supervisor of Elections. He stated that these incidents have taken place since early voting began on Oct. 24 at the North West Regional Library polling location in Coral Springs, Fla.

One of the incidents mentioned in the affidavit states that a man filled out a ballot on behalf of a mentally ill and physically incapable woman. The man filled out both ballots for the two individuals with any consent from the woman; she then reportedly sat alone in a booth while showing signs of physical discomfort. [DAILYCALLER]

Florida Republican operative Lauren Cooley first broke the story on Twitter earlier today.

“We call Brenda Snipes’ office and they don’t care. They say let everybody vote. Let everybody vote. So we do,” Dunn told Cooley. “They don’t want any attention brought to them, any legal trouble,” she continued.

One incident detailed in the affidavit describes a man filling out a ballot on behalf of a woman who was not physically capable of filling out her own ballot. When the man completed his own ballot, he proceeded to fill out the woman’s ballot without any interaction or form of consent. She sat alone in an adjacent booth, showing signs of physical discomfort, with her arms wrapped around herself and rocking back-and-forth, per the sworn affidavit.

The woman then attempted to insert her ballot into an optical scanner and was ultimately unable to do so herself. A poll worker inserted the ballot for her.

Upon seeing the incident, Dunn called an official SOE office and was simply told “Everyone will vote.” No further action was made to address these accounts of voter fraud, despite the registered poll watchers many attempts to alert the Broward SOE.

“These people are infirmed, if you know what I’m saying, they sit in their wheelchairs and stare straight ahead while their ‘assistor’ effectively marks their ballot,” the affiant told this reporter.

The poll watcher continued by saying this was an ongoing issue, “[the voter fraud] is happening several times a day by multiple groups of people — this isn’t a one time thing and it’s a third degree felony in the state of Florida.”

“These people even pulled up in a school bus, brought out a mentally ill person, had him vote and then walked out while making smartass comments about Trump,” he added. [BREITBART]

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