Brutal DOOM: The King of Nostalgia

By Lestado Codicus

Anyone who was around at the dawning of the FPS genre, you most certainly remember DOOM. If thinking about those good ole days is making you feel nostalgic, you HAVE TO try out this mod.

Brutal DOOM!Some superfans of iD Software’s DOOM have revamped the entire system and made it worth playing again. This version of DOOM is equipped with high-res textures, a physics engine and more blood & gore than you can even imagine. In the newest version of Brutal DOOM, the creators even added ragdoll effects when you kill an enemy. After watching the video below, if you are a real fan of DOOM, you will want this. Keep reading for information on how.

Because it has been 22 years since the release of this cult classic, you might not have a copy of the game anymore. While we here at The Real Strategy do not condone any illegal activities, there are ways to get the original DOOM .wad files for free. Remember that according to fair usage laws, downloading of copyrighted materials is not illegal. It is only illegal to RE-CREATE materials for profit or DECRYPT/CRACK/CIRCUMVENT copyright protocols. (Ripping files to share them online for example)
You can get all the original DOOM .WAD files here via bit-torrent client (we cannot host these files on our site because of legal ramifications). If you don’t already know what Bit-Torrents are, it is a P2P (Peer 2 Peer) file sharing system. The torrent client I personally suggest using is named Deluge (click here to go to their site and download). I like it because they allow you force encryption on your entire transfer stream unlike most torrent clients. Make sure you go into the preferences and Encrypt your ENTIRE STREAM and turn off DHT. This will help ensure your privacy.

The setup for Brutal DOOM can be a little tricky, so I’m going to walk you through it.

  • STEP 4: Wage war against the hordes of hell!

If you want to do more than play the most basic form of Brutal DOOM, check out the content below!

Extensive information about add-ons and upgrades to Brutal DOOM

Creator of BrutalDOOM’s instructions:

How to play Brutal DOOM multiplayer:
Text instructions.
Or watch this video.


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