Bush Administration Tapped White House Phones Before Leaving Office

Ex Secret Service Agent For Clinton Staff Exposing White House Corruption

Gary Byrne, Clinton Secret Service Staff Member, claims knowledge of the Clintons being paranoid about being spied upon by former Bush administration officials.

“The Bush administration had upgraded the White House telecommunications system,” he writes. “It wasn’t easy. Imagine an elaborate phone system wired into a building built when the only common utility was plumbing. The Clinton staff upgraded it yet again.”

“The catch: The Clinton administration hadn’t anticipated that it had to actually pay for things, and the bill blindsided them,” he said. “We heard about this both from the West Wing staffers talking or yelling about it and from the AT&T technicians we escorted about the building.”

“These technicians further revealed to us that the new administration believed that Republicans in the Bush operation had tapped the White House system to listen in on them,” Byrne wrote.

He recalls an instance where alarms were going off at the vice president’s Residence at the Naval Observatory. When agents and officers arrived, “they found Vice President Al Gore standing on a chair, pulling an alarm out of the ceiling, looking for hidden cameras and listening devices.”


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Christopher Kemmett

Founder of The Real Strategy and Lowest Priced Advertisements.