Cameraman and Reporter Shot on LIVE TV!

Cameraman and Reporter Shot on LIVE TV because of MSM’s race baiting. CNN changes footage to cover for police.

This morning a disgruntled former employee of WDBJ news network , identified as Vester Flanagan, AKA Bryce Williams, decided to murder his former colleagues because of racism.

The alleged shooter, Vester Flanagan, waited until Reporter Alison Parker & Cameraman Adam Ward were doing a live interview. Flanagan then shot Parker and Ward while they were live on the air. Not only did Flanagan do this on television, he also took a video of the horrendous act with his camera-phone and posted it to social media. Shortly after, Flanagan took to Twitter saying that Alison Parker was racist; as if to justify the murder of the woman.

A manhunt ensued but Flanagan killed himself before he was caught.

This murder was the byproduct of racial division and misdirected anger. Racism and Sexism are all that is being pushed by the media these days, in an attempt to create division amongst the populace while the elite class gets away with murder. Meanwhile, some crazy people do horrible things like kill their co-workers and random civilians because they’ve been oppressed and don’t know who to blame.
It is sad that these people died today for nothing. Let’s all have a moment of silence for them…


Footage of the shooting from Vester Flanagan’s POV

What the live TV audience saw


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