Catholic School Trespasses Girl For Wearing A Suit To Prom

There is one right all churches, which religious schools also retain, and that is the right to discriminate. Will this dress code be dismissed as the usual conformity or could it grow into something larger?

A central Pennsylvania high school student barred from attending prom at her Catholic high school because she wore a suit rather than a dress has had her prom night — at a different school.

Aniya Wolf, a student at Bishop McDevitt High School in Harrisburg, attended William Penn High School’s prom Saturday at a banquet hall in York.

Wolf says she learned at the last moment that girls were required to wear dresses to Bishop McDevitt’s prom. She went anyway but was thrown out. The school says the dress code was sent to parents three months earlier.

William Penn principal Brandon Carter says he invited Wolf because “We do embrace all.” Wolf says she has worn a shirt and pants for all three years she has attended her school.

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