‘It’s a Charade’: Judge Pirro on Why Hillary Won’t Be Indicted for Her Emails

Why the DoJ won’t charge Hillary Clinton for Treason

Judge Pirro lays it out on the table.

Judge Pirro reacted this morning to the news that Attorney General Loretta Lynch will defer to non-political subordinates on whether to bring charges against Hillary Clinton over her private email server.

The expected announcement comes after Lynch met privately with former president Bill Clinton, widely seen as a potential conflict of interest in the case.

The New York Times reported that Lynch was planning this course of action for months.

Pirro said that Clinton is not going to be indicted in the email case because of the series of events that the charges would trigger.

“The reason she will not be indicted is because her first witness as a defendant in a criminal case is the President of the United States. Why? Because Hillary Clinton emailed President Barack Obama. He knew she had a private email server. So he is complicit. And they will not allow a constitutional crisis where the President of the United States knew about the risking of security of the United States,” said Pirro.

Source: ‘It’s a Charade’: Judge Pirro on Why Hillary Won’t Be Indicted for Her Emails

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