Man Charged – Kids Found Carrying Infant by Its Head

Bad Father of the Year Award Goes to This Man

Kids Found Unsupervised Carrying Infant BY ITS HEAD

Children were carrying infant by its head when found by Police.

Penn Live reports:

A Harrisburg man is accused of neglecting to care for three young children found walking unattended in April.

Marcale Lamar Duffey, 26, faces charges after authorities found two of the children, 8 and 2, walking with an 8-month-old infant while unsupervised on April 22. Dauphin County Sheriff’s deputies came across the older children carrying the infant by its head, according to a Steelton police news release.

The children were found five blocks away fro the residence where Duffey had just left them, police said. He was formally charged on June 2 after police investigated the incident.

Duffey is charged with endangering the welfare of children. He is scheduled for a preliminary hearing at 10 a.m. July 21.

Source: Man charged after young kids found unsupervised, carrying infant by head |

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