Chelsea Clinton’s ‘NY Apartment’ Listed as ‘Senior Care Facility’

BOMBSHELL: Chelsea Clinton’s “NY Apartment” Listed Address For Senior Care Facility, “Metrocare Home Services Inc.”

In a bombshell revelation, Chelsea’s NY apartment is the LISTED ADDRESS for a senior health care facility called “Metro Home Services.” When the listed company was contacted, they said that they relocated in May of 2015; just one month after Hillary Clinton launched her campaign. Did Hillary buy a private hospital?

This information was first uncovered on Reddit and later distributed by InfoWars reporter Paul Joseph Watson. These revelations explain why Hillary’s team did not want to take her to the hospital and took her to “Chelsea’s apartment”.

NY Post later reported that Campaign officials didn’t want to take Hillary to the hospital because her “real medical issues” could get out. Thanks to the internet, Mrs. Clinton cannot hide from the light of truth.

From Reddit Source:

[–]CF-Leaks[S] 243 points

Holy shit Martin Shkreli was right

edit: here is Shkreli’s periscope video where he ran over to Chelsea’s apartment after Hillary was rushed there, he mentioned several times (maybe sometime between 30 minute and 50 minute mark) that Hillary probably has some of the latest medical technology in a secret hospital facility.

[–]CF-Leaks[S] 243 points

Someone called and got this intel:

i just gave them a call – called ffrom blocked number – they said last year they were renovated out of that floor – they are now at 1000 broadway?????

i tried asking more questions but lady said she didnt know much. she said they were all trasfered may 2015 – 

[–]sandernista_4_TRUMPSC 235 points

You should add May 2015 to your timeline, Hillary declared her candidacy in April. The Clintons are just so fucking sloppy wow





Source: BOMBSHELL: Chelsea Clinton’s NY Apartment is “Listed Address” For Senior Care Facility, “Metrocare Home Services Inc.” – TruthFeed

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